About Me

My name is Daniel Davis Wood; I’m a writer from Australia now based in Scotland. In a previous life, I taught literature and history at schools in Switzerland and England. These days I focus exclusively on fiction, essays, and literary criticism.

I began this blog in 2010, when I was a graduate student and tutor at the University of Melbourne. Between 2009 and 2012, I worked on a PhD thesis which examined the jurisprudential legacy of the nineteenth century frontier in American literature and popular culture. I also co-edited the academic journal Antithesis and I edited and published a collection of essays on the work of the American writer Edward P. Jones. My thesis eventually metamorphosed into my first monograph, Frontier Justice in the Novels of James Fenimore Cooper and Cormac McCarthy, published in 2016.

My motivations for beginning Infinite Patience are outlined in my first post. After I relocated to Switzerland in 2012, I sketched out a new direction for my online activities. In 2014, I published my début novel, Blood and Bone, which won that year’s Viva La Novella Prize in my homeland of Australia, and my follow-up, At the Edge of the Solid World, was published in 2020. In between those two books, I founded a small press and online literary review called Splice, through which I have commissioned and published several novels, story collections, essay collections, and anthologies, as well as scores of longform essays on contemporary literature that pushes the boundaries of conventional style and structure.