About Me

Hi there. My name is Daniel Davis Wood; I’m a writer from Australia now based in Scotland. In a previous life, I taught literature and history at schools in Switzerland and England. These days I focus exclusively on writing fiction and literary criticism. I’m also an editor and publisher, taking the reins on a small press called Splice.

I began this website as a blog in 2010, when I was a graduate student and tutor at the University of Melbourne. Between 2009 and 2012, I worked on a PhD thesis which examined the jurisprudential legacy of the nineteenth century frontier in American literature and culture. I also co-edited the academic journal Antithesis and I edited and published a collection of essays on the work of the American writer Edward P. Jones. My thesis eventually metamorphosed into a monograph published in 2016.

My motivations for beginning Infinite Patience are outlined in my first post. After I relocated to Switzerland in 2012, I sketched out a new direction for my online activities. In 2014, I published my début novel, Blood and Bone, which won that year’s Viva La Novella Prize in my homeland of Australia, and my follow-up, At the Edge of the Solid World, was published in 2020. I founded Splice in the years between those two events, and since then I have commissioned and published several novels, story collections, essay collections, and anthologies, as well as scores of longform essays on contemporary literature that poses a challenge to conventional style and structure.