Discussing UNESCO Cities of Literature

Heads up. I wrote about Melbourne’s UNESCO City of Literature initiative a while ago, drawing a pretty unfavourable comparison between Melbourne’s efforts to capitalise on its City of Literature status and the remarkable things Edinburgh has achieved after it became the first UNESCO City of Literature in 2004. Have Melbourne’s efforts improved in the last year? With the city’s Emerging Writers’ Festival kicking off today, I’ll be taking part in “EWFDigital,” a series of online panel discussions focusing on an assortment of literary topics. The panel I’m on is accessible here; the topic under discussion is of course the UNESCO Cities of Literature project. I’ve just fired my opening salvo and I’ll be keeping an eye on the Festival website to answer any questions from the “audience” until the Festival draws to a close on June 5…

One response to “Discussing UNESCO Cities of Literature”

  1. UPDATE: Apparently, there was a technical glitch with the commenting system on the site where this discussion was originally posted, so I have amended the link above to point to where this discussion is now taking place on the EWF blog. The comments over there appear to be working, although I’m told that all comments posted in the last few days of May have been lost. For the record, the initial posting remains online here: http://ewfprod.helixdigital.com.au/forum/topics/view/city-of-literature.

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